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17.01.2017 Pridobili smo certifikat bonitetne odličnosti!
Kaj je bonitetna ocena odličnosti?

Bonitetna ocena odličnosti...
02.11.2016 Bike-to-Slovenia
Sie wollen einen wunderschönen Urlaub in Slowenien oder Kroatien machen. Natürlich mit ihrem...
07.02.2013 Pridobili smo certifikat Excellent SME!

Sporočamo Vam, da smo pred kratkim od Gospodarske zbornice Slovenije pridobili certifikat...



We are a private company with a vision, tradition and rich experience in the field of international transports. The main advantage of our service is that we can carry out transport projects with our own transportation means and in addition to that, we manage the organisation by ourselves. We act as the project or transport organiser, which means we provide quality suppliers for our customers in case we do not have enough own capacities at our disposal.

Ko-trans d.o.o.

This is what we have at our disposal:
  • knowledge and an experienced staff
  • business premises
  • parking places
  • a repair workshop
  • a car wash for trucks
  • a car wash for passenger cars
  • a storage and a thermo storage
The company's history reaches back to 1991. From the beginning, transportation has been our main activity. Today, we also carry out other activities besides transportation, like repair service, carwash, storage and transmitting transports. Our vehicle fleet comprises over 80 vehicles, and we carry out transports basically all over Europe.

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the field of transportation, which will offer the finest services to our customers at attractive prices.

Call us and see for yourself that our services are of great quality! We are certain that you will be satisfied!

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KO - TRANS d.o.o.,
F: +386 2 743 00 57
E: info@ko-trans.si
W: www.ko-trans.si
ID za DDV.: SI23311347
Matična št.: 5481309000
Osnovni kapital: 377.814 EUR
TRR: IBAN SI56 0215 0001 7165 792 (NLB d.d.)
TRR: IBAN SI56 0318 2100 0254 650 (SKB d.d.)
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